Stirring it up...a Canon USP

Stirring it up...a Canon USP

Pigment particles settling in the ink tanks can cause blocked nozzles on the printhead as well as reduce colour consistency

and accuracy. This Is something that many of today’s graphics printers can suffer from, but it’s not the case with the Canon

imagePROGRAF range.


Canon machines use a unique ink agitation process which effectively stirs the ink in the cartridges, but also in the sub-tanks.

This ensures an even balance of pigments throughout the solution, prevents clogging and gives the image quality that your

customers expect and deserve.


Want to know how?


A small pump and valves channel the ink back into the ink-tank and sub-tank to create swirls that keep the pigment in

suspension. This ensures that every print is as good as the last and the likelihood of head replacementis kept to a minimum.



This unrelenting commitment to print quality ensures that every print is a saleable print, meaning that your customers are far

less likely to suffer from the problems of wasted prints and excessive downtime than with any other printer brand. 


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