Epson SC-T7700D, a quick comparison

Epson SC-T7700D, a quick comparison

Following the launch of the new Epson SC-T7700D, we thought that we’d share some of our initial findings when compared

to the competing Canon machine, the TX-4100.


  • They both have dual roll/take-up capability and a fold-away catch basket.
  • They both have market standard security features, but the Canon machine’s wifi unit can be physically removed by

            a technician, making it ideal for high-security environments.

  • The SC-T7700D takes up more usable space, as it’s much wider than the TX-4100.


    • Unlike the Epson, you can add a scanner to the TX-4100 to create a powerful MFP configuration.
    • The TX-4100 comes with a 500GB hard drive built in, the Epson’s hard drive is a chargeable option.
    • The Canon printer can automatically load, measure and identify your media to save you time. The Epson has

                auto-load only.

    • Paper jams can only be freed by accessing the rear of the Epson printer, whereas everything is accessible from the

                front of a TX-4100.

    • The Canon prints CAD and Posters faster, thanks to the higher nozzle count in the head and single pass printing.
    • TX-4100 consumes less ink than the SC-T7700D and is less prone to clogged printhead nozzles.


    These are just a few of the points that our boffins have researched, we look forward to bringing you more information soon.

    If you want to know more about the Canon TX-4100 or any of the other printers in the range, please drop us a line.

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